September 2018

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For our September 22nd meeting, we welcome back John Mullen, health pastor and medical intuitive with over 40 years of experience in the alternative health field. He will speak on relieving spasms to de-stress the body and create the glow of new health. He will share lots of practical insights we can apply and treatments to practice. We’ll meet at 1 o’clock in the community room of the Johns Creek Whole Foods. Please make sure that you and anyone you bring are fragrance free and turn off your cell phone. 


Our July meeting was a social/swap-meet. As with any get-together, there was the inevitable sharing of information, which will be included in an upcoming newsletter. 


The six healing sounds are part of the practice of Chinese qigong and date back to the 5th century. They are done with or without body movement and can be done any time of day except after eating, but they are especially effective at bedtime. The sounds allow the release of pent up emotions and feelings and are designed to balance and restore energy in the body. While they are best done in proper sequence, there are two exceptions. If a particular organ is bothering you, the sound for that organ can be done without going through the whole sequence and if you have digestive upset or nausea, the spleen sound can be done right after eating. The sequence may produce mild symptoms such as yawning, moving of gas, or burping. The six sounds vary slightly with different traditions and teachers. The following are taught by Master Mantak Chia on the website www.universal-tao.com/article/six_healing.htm.

Lung Sound With a long slow exhalation make the Sssssss sound as in hiss. As you do this, imagine your lungs are releasing grief, sadness, or depression in a cloud. Then imagine that your lungs are being filled with feelings of courage.

Rest and breathe

Kidney Sound As you slowly exhale, make the Woooo or Chooooo sound with your breath as if you were blowing out a candle. As you make this sound, imagine that you are exhaling fear which comes out like a cloud and then imagine the fear being replaced by courage and wisdom.

Rest and breathe

Liver Sound Make a long, slow exhalation with the sound Shhhhhhhh and imagine that anger is being released from the liver in the form of a cloud. As anger is emptied, imagine the liver filling with feelings of kindness, forgiveness, and generosity.

Rest and breathe

Heart Sound Open your mouth wide with a long slow exhalation making the sound Hawwwww as in hawk, with the rush of air. Imagine feelings of hate or arrogance being exhaled from the heart, then imagine the heart being filled with feelings of love, joy, and happiness.

Rest and breathe

Spleen Sound With a long low exhalation make the Whooooooo sound with the rush of air from the throat. Imagine a cloud of worry and anxiety leaving the spleen as you exhale. Then imagine the spleen being filled with feelings of openness, balance, and compassion.

Rest and breathe

Triple Warmer Sound This sound is done while lying on your back. Make a Heeeeeee sound as you slowly exhale and imagine a huge rolling pin flattening out your body from head to toe. The rolling pin re-balances all the energies activated by the other sounds and helps harmonize the energies of the three areas of the body, from the top of the chest to the lower abdomen. The sound can also be used to relax while lying on your side or sitting in a chair. The sound is good for relieving stress and inducing sleep.

Each organ has an associated organ: lung/large intestine, kidney/bladder, liver/gall bladder, heart/small intestine, spleen/pancreas and stomach. The relationships between the organ systems and emotions are all interconnected in complex overlapping patterns. To coordinate the sounds with movement, see the website or The Six Healing Sounds by Mantak Chia which includes both the seated and standing postures. It is very important to rest and breathe in between each sound to keep the O2/CO2 balance in the body. 


Anna Heltzer would like to hear from anyone who has been tested or treated for SIBO. 


September: Mark Fisher 22nd, Mary Norman 28th, David Taylor 29th.

October: Carol Daniel 3rd, Linda Klein 20th. 


[] Included in this newsletter is a lymphatic massage presented by Kaelyn Riley, associate editor at Experience Life magazine. Many thanks to Mark Fisher for formatting this information. 

Thank you to Mark Fisher and Ian Greenberg for their assistance in this newsletter.

This newsletter is meant for information only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition and is not a substitute for professional advice.


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