October 2021

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The Environmental Working Group’s yearly Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce is based on test data form the US Department of Agriculture. Following is the latest list of the cleanest and most contaminated fruits and vegetables. Cleanest: avocados, sweet corn, pineapple, onions, papayas, frozen sweet peas, eggplant, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, kiwi, cauliflower, mushrooms, honeydew melon, cantaloupe. Most contaminated: strawberries, spinach, kale, collard greens, mustard greens, nectarines, apples, grapes, cherries, peaches, pears, bell peppers, hot peppers, celery, tomatoes.


Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD, author of Sacred Rest, says there are seven types of rest we all need for replenishing, restoring, renewing, recovering, rebuilding, regenerating, and repairing our body, mind, and spirit.

[] Physical Rest: Take time for being rather than doing. It can be passive, as in sleeping, napping, soaking baths, or massage, or it can be active. The author says to practice body fluidity and avoid staying in the same position for more than an hour when you are awake. Stretch, walk, do gentle yoga poses, and practice small acts of motion.

[] Mental Rest: Take short breaks from mental work and quiet the mind. Pause the ongoing influx of information in modern life.

[] Sensory Rest: When the senses are continually stimulated, both the mind and body are overloaded. Use quiet, darkness (palming is great for the eyes and calming to the body) fresh air, and pure water to refresh the senses.

[] Creative Rest: Take time to appreciate the beauty in art, music, or nature. Our brains are most at rest in natural environments. Allow space for creativity to show up.

[] Emotional Rest: Everyone needs a break from accommodating others and meeting external expectations. We are more emotionally connected to the world than ever before. Monitor your intake of news coverage.

[] Social Rest: The passive form is solitude, but the author stresses the active taking comfort in relationships and social interactions that uplift us and revive us and minimizing interactions that deplete us.

[] Spiritual Rest: Find activities that feed your spirit, serve a higher purpose, and give you a feeling of belonging. Some activities are meditation, prayer, and journaling.


Don’t carry your cellphone in your pocket or anywhere against your body unless it is turned off.

[] Set your phone to airplane/flight mode or power it off when not in use. Also, turn off WiFi and Bluetooth.

[] When talking on the cellphone, use speaker mode or a plug-in earpiece to keep your phone away from your brain. Even better, send texts.

[] Don’t use your cellphone when you only have one or two bars remaining or when you are between cell towers. A cellphone sends signals to a tower up to 900 times per minute, and each time, some of that radiation is absorbed into your body.

[] Don’t sleep with your cellphone nearby. Use a battery powered alarm clock.

[] If possible, keep your corded landline phone. It is free of wireless radiation and works in an emergency. Cordless home phones emit the same type of radiation as cell towers.

[] Use a wired mouse, keyboard, and printer to avoid unnecessary radiation, and don’t buy smart-home wireless devices.

[] One of the most ironic things about 5G is that it doesn’t improve reception for voice calls. What it does do is create a new, faster way for wireless devices to communicate with one another, such as in a smart-home. It also boosts download speeds for data, movies, and video games.

[] Cellphone companies warn shareholders that they may be sued for cancer and other health impacts from 5G and other wireless devices, while, at the same time, they are aggressively marketing these same devices to consumers. Devra Lee Davis, Phd, author of Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What The Industry Is Doing To Hide It, And How To Protect Your Family.


[] Odor Control: Zero Odor is an odor eliminator that comes in three different formulations – Pet, Laundry, and Multi-purpose. The products leave no scent behind. zeroodor.com. Pet and Multi available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

[] Laundry: Kroger offers a plant based free and clear detergent under their Simple Truth brand. The minimal sudsing formula “rinses clean”.

[] Cooking: Kirkland Signature offers a parchment paper that is vegetable based, compostable, Forest Stewardship Council certified, and Kosher certified.

[] Self Care: The bath or shower is a good time to give your feet and toes a mini-massage. If the feet or toes are sore, follow up at other times during the day to massage the feet, the toes, and between the toes.

[] Practitioners: Sydna Fisher can recommend a very good foot reflexologist in Roswell.

[] Exercise/Movement: One member has found that walking after meals helps control her blood sugar. Note: Qi Magazine says that the link between exercise and digestion is recognized in colloquial Chinese sayings such as “walk a hundred steps after each meal and you will live a very long life”.

[] Sleep: For people who like eye masks, Soothing Charcoal Eye Mask is a possibility. charcoalhouse.com. Another is a weighted eye mask. Does someone have a recommendation?

[] Supplements: Min-Col Powder by Daily Nutritional Supplements is calcium from soft rock phosphate. Approved by Carey Reams. dailymfg.com 800-868-0700

[] Supplement: Magnesium/Max is a fragrance-free 99.5% natural magnesium sulfate creme made with “pharmacy grade Epsom Salts”. www.jessieandelizabeth.com. Susan Bry developed the creme and prefers on-line orders, but she will also take phone orders. 770-565-2852

[] Home furnishings: EarthWeave 100% natural wool carpet by EcoChoices. No toxic chemicals, pesticides, or stain protection. Wool is naturally stain resistant and flame resistant. Hemp, cotton, and jute are used for backing. The natural adhesive used is from the rubber tree. Standard sized and custom orders. Beige, gray, and brown colors. To order a sample board call 626-969-3707. www.ecochoices.com

[] Drugs: Antihistamines (HI blockers) dry out the body’s tissues and make allergies of all kinds worse long term. They also block the satiety hormone leptin, increasing appetite and promoting weight gain. -Townsend Letter

[] Detoxification: Individual capacity to detoxify depends on multiple factors (1) your genes (2) your cumulative exposure to environmental pollutants (3) the health of the gut (4) regular elimination by the gut and kidneys (5) the availability of key nutrients for the liver (6) your age. -Brave New Medicine


October: Carol Daniel 3rd, Linda Klein 20th

November: Anna Heltzer 2nd, Rebecca Stuckey 10th, Lori Caress 20th, Joyce Brenner 21st


The mental health of athletes as well as the general population has been in the news recently. We are adding mental health to our list of topics to share. How are you doing?

Thank you to Mark Fisher and Ian Greenberg for their assistance in this newsletter.

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